FIELD OF EXPERTISES - Dr.Adem Dervişoğlu, MD, Professor

Dr.Adem Dervişoğlu, MD, Professor


What is Hemorrhoid?

Hemorrhoidal venous cushions are normal structures located in the anal region. When they become prominent, engorge, and prolapse; they cause the disease called hemorrhoids.

Anal Fissure

An anal fissure is a painful tear usually occurs at the posterior wall of the anus. These lesions can be classified as acute and chronic.

Pilonidal Sinus

Ingrown hair and pilonidal sinus are the common and medical names of the disease, respectively. A pilonidal sinus develops due to ingrown hair under the skin.

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. It is the most common cause of cancer-related death in women after lung cancer.


Hyperthyroidism should be suspected when increased thyroid hormone synthesis is detected. Thyroid hormone levels in the blood are high.

Stomach (Gastric) Cancer

The incidence of gastric cancer varies between countries. Stomach cancer is common all over the world but especially in East Asia, South America, and Eastern Europe.

Thyroid Nodules

Thyroid nodules are found in the in the thyroid as abnormal masses of different sizes that do not resemble the thyroid tissue. Thyroid nodules are common in the population

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

Coming up of the stomach contents into the esophagus is described as gastroesophageal reflux. Although gastroesophageal reflux disease is very common and seen in almost 20% of the population

Obesity Surgery

Obesity is a disease that causes serious health problems, which may unfortunately cause a shorter life expectancy. The World Health Organization (WHO) calculates Body Mass Index (BMI) to define and classify obesity.